Nutra ParaGone Poultry

ParaGone is an anti-parasitic, natural treatment against ticks and mites in poultry. Specifically designed for egg laying poultry. Combined external treatment (spray) to remove and treat the parasites and feed additive to support the immune system and reduce stress.

More efficient and longer periods between treatments compared with conventional chemicals AND without the risk of toxicity.

Tested successfully and proven in the most challenging conditions of heat and humidity within commercial farms.

StimLiv P

StimLiv protects the liver from the various toxins which accumulate in it.

StimLiv offers the following:

  • Liver function stimulant.
  • Hepatic stimulant, growth promoter and performance booster.
  • It supports and improves the liver function, boosts the metabolism and removal of toxic nutrients.
  • Contributes to the calcium absorption and enhances the egg quality in egg laying poultry.
  • Assist against aflatoxins contamination and reduce and prevent hepatic damage caused by aflatoxins.
  • Reduces the ‘fatty liver’ in livestock and supports the fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism.  StimLiv contains high levels of anti-oxidant herbal extracts that reduce the liver damage due to oxidation.

StimLiv feed additive can be supplied as liquid or in powder form.