NutraGreen® phytomedicine health products

Over the past 15 years, NutraKol has developed and specialised in phytomedicine health solutions, based solely on herbal extracts sourced from around the world.

These products are viable, effective and a safe alternative to many chemicals and antibiotics currently used around the globe.

NutraKol can offer:

  • Production and distribution rights licensing
  • Tech transfer ready for up-scaling to the world market
  • Simple production with minimal capital investment
  • High product gross margins

Currently sold as feed additives to commercial clients around the world.

Nutra ParaGone Aqua, a distribution license has already been granted in India to a major additives manufacturer.

NutraGreen® food animal health products

Poultry, swine and ruminant products undergoing POC or in earlier development.

New product formulations addressing specific issues can be developed on request.