Nutra ParaGone

Nutra ParaGone production and distribution (in India) license was granted to a major Indian company.

Parasites are an integral part of any aquatic environment and can often be found on wild fish.

In aquaculture, where usually conditions are sub-optimal, chances of infection are increased through raised stress levels in fish which directly affects their immune response.

Poor immune response reduces the ability of fish to fight pathogens and parasites. It gives parasites the opportunity to proliferate causing serious health issues and ultimately can prove fatal to the host fish if left untreated.

Chemicals such as hydrogen peroxides, formalin, malachite green and others may offer a short-term solution against parasitic problems. In sea cages, bathing fish is a labour intensive and costly operation. Furthermore, although it usually brings temporary relief from parasites, the treatment also causes stress to the fish and increases the chances of future infections.

Many of these chemicals are not environmentally sustainable and most of them are prohibited for use in aquaculture systems and banned in many countries.

Nutra ParaGone contains powerful natural compounds with antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiparasitic, antifungal and anthelminthic herbs. These may improve poor digestive functions and alleviate resistance against a variety of internal and external parasites such as; candida infections, sea lice, flat and round worms, Benedenia, variety of gill and skin flukes, fungal infection and many others. 


  • Chemical free, environmentally friendly, non-invasive and rapidly biodegradable
  • Controls itch and other external protozoan, dinoflagellate, flukes and fungal diseases
  • Controls the proliferation of pathogenic vibrio bacteria
  • Works in fresh and saltwater
  • Safe and beneficial for shrimp and fish
  • No residue and environmentally friendly

Use to: Eliminate or reduce external and internal parasites.