NutraFeed maturation diet is specifically designed for crustaceans broodstock.

The diet is semi-moist (up to 30% moist) and manufactured as short pellets at any length and diameter needed. The diet is stable in water for 24 hours and will not break down when the animal is holding and chewing it.

The diet can be used as a booster or full diet, replacing  80-100% of fresh/frozen ingredients in broodstock diets.

NutraFeed diets were tested with several crustaceans including; white shrimp L. vannamei, tiger prawn P. monodon (wild and domesticated), bugs (T. orientalis) and tropical lobster (Panulirus ornatus). The diet can be designed and manufactured for any crustaceans.

Herbal extracts (NutraGreen® NutraBrood Enhance) are incorporated into the diets. These 100% natural additives are aimed at improving broodstock performances including; enhancing egg and larvae quality, sperm motility, vitellogenesis, as well as immune system and digestive system support.

NutraFeed diets are pathogen free with a shelf life of six months (refrigerated) or 24 months (frozen).

Three different maturation diets are manufactured according to species: NutraFeed® SM for shrimps and prawns, NutraFeed LM for lobsters and bugs and, NutraFeed CM for crabs.