NutraLive is a scientifically designed and commercially tested blend of herbal ingredients that effectively reduce bacteria, viral and fungal pathogens in live feed.

Live food (rotifers and Artemia) is considered to be a vector for bacterial infections in marine larvae, resulting in reduced growth and survival. During the hatching and enriching process, bacterial numbers increase by 5-8 fold. These bacterial populations remain well established and are very hard to remove from within the nauplii by rinsing with freshwater.

Some commercial synthetic disinfectant products are being used in some countries, however, most of them are banned for use in EU, USA and other countries.

NutraLive lessens and controls bacterial numbers during hatching and, when used in conjunction with ArtiKol live food enrichment or any other commercial enrichment, suppresses any bacterial blooms which would normally occur during the hatching and enrichment procedures.


  • Increases vitality of freshly hatched Artemia and rotifers
  • Higher larval survival rate
  • Effective feed utilisation through improved conversion
  • Increases resistance to specific and non-specific infections
  • Prevents production losses during adverse environmental and management condition
  • Natural and safe with no side effects for shrimp and fish
  • No risk of emergent antibiotic resistance
  • No residue and environmentally friendly

Use to: reduce and suppress microbial pathogens in live feed organism culture.