about our company

NutraKol is an innovative and vibrant Australian company focusing on finding natural solutions for the nutrition and health of livestock and aquatic organisms.

NutraKol products include natural Phyto-therapeutic health solutions and feed additives for the aquaculture and livestock industry.

These products were developed by a unique combination of expertise and experience in nutrition, physiology, naturopathy and phytomedicine.

NutraKol products are scientifically designed and tested in collaboration with commercial facilities, research and development centres and universities. The products are based on 100% natural ingredients.

NutraKol production and R&D facilities are located in Western Australia and supply worldwide.


MISSION: Developing the knowledge for sustainable and natural health and nutritional solutions to support the livestock and aquaculture industries.

VISION: To be a global leader in the development of natural solutions for improving the sustainability and growth of the food industry.


  • Our combined knowledge in phytomedicine and the power of nature on one hand and physiology, biology, nutrition and animal science on the other hand.
  • Our innovation and ability to develop new products and unique solutions for specific problems.
  • Our experience and knowledge to ‘bridge the gap’ between industry needs and scientific solutions.
  • Our ability to ‘tailor’ a solution to client specific needs.

sOLUTIONs we offer

Nutrition in aquaculture

Nutritional products aimed specifically at marine organisms

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Health in aquaculture

Natural remedies to overcome microbial infections in fish and crustaceans

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Hatchery Feeding System

Hatchery feeding system to manage both dry and liquid feed

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Poultry health

Natural parasitic treatment and liver function stimulant for egg laying poultry

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Swine health

Natural parasitic treatment and liver function stimulant for sow and piglets

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Ruminant health

Natural parasitic treatment and mastitis management. e.g. cows, sheep

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