Dunaliella salina

NutraPlus is a pure Dunaleilla salina concentrate. NutraPlus contains high levels of carotenes, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids that are ideal for any filter feeders as well as fish. NutraPlus is ideal as a sole food source for filter feeders or food additive for any fish species. NutraPlus can be added with any commercial live food enrichment to supply high doses of carotenoids (carotenoids found to have positive effect on both fish eggs (when supply to the broodstock) and larvae quality. NutraPlus can replace traditional green microalgae in green water systems or mix with any green algae to enhance the nutritional value of the algae. NutraPlus is the ideal food for on-growing Artemia. It is
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Marine fish aquaculture is gaining momentum in many countries around the world, with new species under investigation or in early commercialisation. In many cases, the same nutritional additives that were developed for already commercialised species such as sea bream and sea bass are being used for species with different requirements resulting in less than optimal growth and survival. Nutrakol nutritional and health solutions for marine fish aquaculture are optimized and tailored to specific species and/or requirements, resulting in optimal better health and optimal nutritional profile that support maximum growth and survival. Nutrakol broodstock additives are specifically designed to improve and boost gonadal development and hormonal cycle and have proved themselves with many new species currently cultured around
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ornate lobster


LobGrow is a new semi-moist diet and booster for lobster juveniles. It can be fed as a full replacement of fresh/frozen feed or used as a nutritional booster. LobGrow is a pelleted semi-moist diet that contains all the essential nutrients for lobsters better growth and survival. It is stable for 24 hours in the water, reducing leaching and water fouling in growout cages. Using LobGrow (recommended with feed trays) reduce the need for cleaning the cages and significantly reduce mortality due to pathogens. Watch lobster juveniles (puerulus) feeding on LobGrow:
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NUTRABROOD Nutra-Brood is a tailor-made feed additive designed to enhance the nutrition of marine fish (as well as other marine organisms such as crayfish and others) broodstock. Nutra-Brood supplied as an oil emulsion that can be injected into the broodstock’s fresh food using a syringe. The basic feed additive contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and other essential nutrients. Download further information in this NutraBrood Information Sheet NUTRABROOD ENHANCE Broodstock is the key for any successful fish hatchery. Maintaining broodstock at good health and optimum nutrition is vital for high-quality eggs and larvae. Hormone-induced spawning is used in hatcheries where an environment significantly differs from a natural state, such as when inducing spawning out-of-season.
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