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ARTIKOL Arti-Kol is a tailor-made Artemia enrichment that can be designed to suit any nutritional and/or experimental requirements. Today, there is large variety of commercially available enrichments with different levels and ratios of essentail fatty acids, anti-bacterial agents, vitamins etc. However, in some cases, especially with new species or susceptible larvae, different levels and/or other ingredients are needed in the enrichments. For example, immune-stimulants and mega doses of vitamins E and C are used to increase stress resistance and reduce deformities. In public aquaria and ornamental fish hatcheries, stress resistance and coloration enhancement is needed. These can be achieved with high levels of carotenoids. Today, there is large variety of commercially available enrichments with different
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One of the problems with shrimp (and other crustacean) culture is broodstock diets and nutrition. Currently, most hatcheries around the world are using fresh or frozen squid, worms (polychaetes), fish and other marine organisms, topped up with nutritional additives. This practice is far from ideal, exposing the cultured animals to potential pathogens and diseases, nutritional inconsistency and is dependent on wild fisheries. Considering the cost of broodstock (especially SPF), these are serious risks and in many cases result in high mortality and/or reduced productivity, leading to significant financial loss. Until now, broodstock fed maturation formulated dry diet, pelleted or extruded did not match the performances of animals fed on fresh/frozen food. The dry diets tend
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Shrimp and other crustacean aquaculture are booming around the world from South East Asia to South Central America. However, there are still many ‘bottle-necks’ that impede the development of this industry. Nutrition of broodstock, larvae and post-larvae are still heavily reliant on fresh and frozen organisms which may act as pathogen transfer vectors, among other disadvantages. Health management and reduction of stress susceptibility is still a major issue with every life stage of shrimp. Viruses and other pathogens are still major threats to the viability of this industry. Nutrakol’s approach to these issues is through a holistic and natural view. Our products are not aiming at the pathogen itself, but rather, improving the animal resistance,
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grouper larvae


Nutra-Brood is a tailor-made feed additive designed to enhance the nutrition of marine fish (as well as other marine organisms such as crayfish and others) broodstock. Nutra-Brood supplied as an oil emulsion that can be injected into the broodstock’s fresh food using a syringe. The basic feed additive contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and other essential nutrients. Download further information in this NutraBrood Information Sheet
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One size does not fit all not all fish cultured have the same nutritional requirements. So, why supply broodstock or larvae with nutritional additives that were developed for other species? Nutrakol nutritional products include NutraBrood broodstock feed additives and Arti-Kol live feed enrichments. Unlike any other off-the-shelf commercial products, Nutrakol products are ‘tailor-made’ to fish species and can include any specific nutrients. The Nutritional additives may include natural ingredients (such as herbal extracts) to support the immune system, gonadal development, digestive system etc. Perfect for commercial hatcheries working with new species and/or R&D institutes looking at effects of specific nutrient or different levels of nutrients. Some of the species which additives/diets already being developed for
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