IMPROVEMENT IN SERIOLA SP. SURVIVAL 20-30% survival with yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi) larvae in the largest seriola hatchery in the world. This was achieved with the aid of Nutrakol broodstock additives and larvae feeds and additives. Read more Chilean yellowtail article hat int 1-2-2016 PUBLICATION LIST Click on the PDF links below: Maturation diet for shrimp broodstock > AQUAFEED May-June 2011 > Austasia Aquaculture 2012 Marine finfish Broodstock diets > Broodsock Diets an Overview Herbal Remedies in Aquaculture > AQUAFEED March-April 2011 > AQUAFEED Nov-Dec 2013 Serial sp. Aquaculture > Panorama Acuicola YTK > Yellowtail ACUINOR 8-2014 > Chilean yellowtail article hat int 1-2-2016 Hatchery Developments > Yellowtail ACUINOR 8-2014 > Chilean yellowtail article hat int 1-2-2016
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Nutrakol has manufactured several unique nutritional products aimed specifically at marine organisms cultured in intensive and/or extensive conditions. Nutrakol’s holistic approach in developing these products takes into account the organisms specific nutritional requirements, environmental conditions, stage of development (i.e. broodstock, larvae, juveniles) and many other conditions related to the development of an aquatic organism. Some of the products are ‘tailor-made’ to requirements while others present a viable alternative to the use of fresh and frozen feeds, reducing the risk of diseases and increase the stress resistance of any aquatic organism. > NutraFeed > NutraBrood > ArtiKol > NutraMicro > LobGrow Download our Nutrakol product brochure PDF.
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leaf with drops


Aquaculture production and trade is being limited by disease outbreaks, nutrition and low larval survival. Microbial disease activity has increased dramatically, along with the degree of intensification in larval production in aquaculture. The development of drug-resistant fish pathogens has been reported from all areas of aquaculture. Microbial infections in fish and crustaceans are currently treated by dissolving higher quantities of broad spectrum, chemotherapeutic agents. Most of these antibiotics and drugs are now banned for use in EU, USA and many other countries. The NutraGreen range of products are designed to overcome these problems. These products offer alternative herbal-compound based remedies. Natural plant origin products present a viable alternative to antibiotic and other banned drugs, being
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Broodstock - prawn


Nutrakol have formulated specific feeds for broodstock to ensure maximum survival, enhanced gonadal development and increased fecundity. Products are available for:
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Fish larvae


NUTRAMICRO NutraMicro fish larvae weaning diet based on cold extrusion method which results in a semi-moist weaning diet. Due to its physical and chemical properties, NutraMicro is easy to digest by the larvae. NutraMicro weaning diet can be tailored to any species requirements even in small batches. NutraMicro particle size ranges between 200-800 microns. NUTRAMETA ENHANCE The metamorphosis stage in fish larvae marks the transition to the definitive phenotype of all the body systems, such as; digestive system, visual and olfactory, skeleton, muscles, skin, pigmentation and behaviour. This transformation process from embryo to fully developed fish demands high physiological and nutritional resources from the larvae. Therefore, if larvae arrive at this stage in a condition
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