Nutra-Brood is a tailor-made feed additive designed to enhance the nutrition of marine fish (as well as other marine organisms such as crayfish and others) broodstock. Nutra-Brood supplied as an oil emulsion that can be injected into the broodstock’s fresh food using a syringe.

The basic feed additive contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and other essential nutrients.

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Broodstock is the key for any successful fish hatchery. Maintaining broodstock at good health and optimum nutrition is vital for high-quality eggs and larvae.

Hormone-induced spawning is used in hatcheries where an environment significantly differs from a natural state, such as when inducing spawning out-of-season. Non-acute stress of hatchery environments may result in lower fecundity and larvae quality, higher deformities and lower stress tolerance.

NutraBrood Enhance is a natural combination of herbal extracts that are specifically designed to reduce stress and regulate the hormonal cycle. NutraBrood Enhance formulation includes adaptogenic, hepatoprotective, antioxidant and immunomodulator herbal extracts.

  • Stimulates spermatogenesis in male fish and aid gonadal maturation and high egg viability in female fish
  • Helps achieve natural viable spawns, especially out-of-season
  • Improves egg quality and fecundity
  • Aids better hormonal and cellular immune response
  • Increases resistance to specific and non specific infections
  • Enhances hepato-pancreas activity and thereby efficient digestion and assimilation of feed nutrients
  • Maintains feed intake during inclement weather
  • Natural and safe with no side effects for shrimp and fish
  • No risk of emergent antibiotic resistance
  • No residue and environmentally friendly.

Support broodstock health and enhance gonadal development.

  • Environmental and physical stress during and after spawning season
  • Non-natural spawning or low egg producing broodstock
  • Optimal broodstock maintenance
  • Low sperm quality, sperm volume, cell concentration, sperm production and mortality.

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